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Multiple Choice

April 24, 2010

For my confused friends. And I’m not leaving myself out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes you go “it’s not that simple”. Well it isn’t. I think that’s one of the wisest realizations of all respectable intellects – that hitting *simple* is complicated. Which is why, all respectable intellects must eventually fall back on their gut (wow you totally didn’t see that coming huh? I could have just said listen to your heart and made you hurl).

What is simple then? How does one fall back on the damn gut? That great releaser of know-it-all instincts?  The only answer I have is that you know. Do you know anything? Something? That…yes…you know a bit about that? It will feed your intuition because that’s what happens to the things we really know. They get devoured by the intuition monster which then does a funny dance that our brains can’t ignore and all the stupid of our life follows. All the stupid that defines us, makes us tick and helps us wade through the crap we were sure of drowning in. We are all about the stupid. It’s just effing hard to remember it when you need it the most. When choices are breathing down your neck. Yes. The times you *really* need to remember everything you’re about? Are when you know you could easily do any of many things.

Complicated: is trying to find that perfect scheme of things which will blow your mind and rain comfort down your parched brain. It is waiting for that moment when everything you want strikes the right note with each other and your thoughts jiggle in harmony.  It is doing all you can to make that moment happen. It is thinking all you can to make that choice ‘naturally’ emerge, all the while gathering alibis that will readily vouch for that choice. Maybe then, life will be simple?

Simple: is being ruthlessly honest to yourself. It is knowing that you’re a weakling who can’t do without some things. It is owning up… to yourself…(in secret perhaps?). To keep it simple, you keep the one thing you can’t do without. And you hold on to it. You wear it around yourself because all the things you chose not to grab and accommodate? Boy that’s gonna make its presence felt. Antidotes however, don’t make you immune.

Immunity in fact, is never an option.

Knowing that, what do you wanna try? Complicated or Simple?

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  1. Surinder Dhodhi permalink
    January 10, 2011 11:39 AM

    see what i mean!!! write about simpl(icity) and do absolutely? nothing about it!

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