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The Age of Nakedness

March 25, 2010

Yes. Everyone wants to assign their complex-yet-intriguing times an all-inclusive, definitive name. I do too. Hell, I love branding. The Information age, the conceptual age, the age of ideas, the design age, it doesn’t end. They all embrace the internet. They all extol the great fall of boundaries, the greater rise of content movement of our times. What about the perpetuators though? The people who make it happen? But then every age is the age of the people. That is a given considering we be the only living planet (officially).

What sets us apart is our willingness to put ourselves out there. We bare our souls more than ever through our content, design, writings, art, comments, views, tweets, handles, anything. We like to think we rest behind comfortable masks. No one can see us after all? And here we are – disidentified with our bodies, indulging in our minds and souls, open books for the world to leaf through. And it doesn’t matter. Because that’s why this age is great. It allows us to be unabashedly narcissistic. It allows us to live up to our potential. Good or Bad. Either way, it makes us raise ’em bars like never before.

More than anything, it allows us to dance.

We are masquerading exhibitionists. Just that nakedness is our only disguise.

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