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‘I realized something… the epiphany is now forgotten’

February 13, 2010

Hang on to that slippery thought

Give it a name as it wiggles through,

Your mind an ocean, ’tis but a drop

Yet an entire person, A person that is you

Give it a name, a number, a face

A colour, a scent, or just some space?

Make it some room, maybe a dreamy case

Allow it to grow, the pursuit of your chase

Watch where it goes, stay on its trail

Kick the clutter that hinders your way

An unruly being, don’t expect it to stay,

It hides you seek, that be the play

Let this journey unveil, a path unseen

Let it lead you to another thought supreme

Give it a name, a number, a face

Something to tell you, this was the place

For when astray in a city unplanned,

Irked by the maps and the streets unmanned

I yearn for a name, a number, a face

Something to tell me, this is the place

Lost in my mind, I’m reminded of it

If only my thoughts were connected a bit

They feel within reach, they are my own

I should find my way, they are my home

Yet I don’t, they left no trace

I can’t find my home not even its base

You know where I’m going? We need a map!

Just like this poem, for a little recap

It’s that random thought, it makes your mind complete

You see what binds the city… is that random street.

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