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How many ranters you be juggling today?

February 1, 2010

My phone rings. I see that its D calling. I pick up but don’t quite get to the ‘Hello’. He could’ve called the  friggin’ post office for all he knew. He was rushed. He had something to say. *That’s a surprise*. He had to say it. *Really? Shocking* 
“My client thinks I’m pushy. Ofcourse i am pushy! Hey I cracked an intelligent self-deprecatory joke on twitter about it. Did you see it? I don’t WANT the client to think I’m pushy though. Tell you the truth I’m quite pained by my work. It’s like, I have to deal with people n stuff. You know, the kinda of work that invariably requires you to be such a suck-up or you just don’t get taken seriously you know? It’s hard to get taken seriously without doing that. I did try to impart my wisdom my way. But knowing whats good for you is “pushy” I guess. Heh. Wtf am i supposed to do anyway? It’s not like I haven’t TRIED to be friendly. Whats a guy gotta do to get the whole friend-philosopher-guide thing going as opposed to greedy-consultant-gonna-eat-my money huh? Hey should I ask about his kids?”
I clear my throat but he says,
‘I should totally ask about his kids but you know what? They want me to optimize transformers and save them shit loads of money but transformers were optimized like way back in the 1930s. How do i save money doing that now? You know what I am just so busy these days. I’d catch up with you but I just dont get the time to talk or dabble about in other trivial pursuits. This consultant thing is tough. Seeya”

Did I make life easier for D? Did I redress the pain? Oh the pain. There is so much of it. How will I make it go away. I’m inadequate. Guess there’s a God. Maybe he’ll make his life easier.

Ofcourse. He will.

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  1. February 3, 2010 4:35 PM

    Okay, okay, I get it. It’s stinging but it’s true. And it’s funny as well :-).

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