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Hatcher on the Fly

January 31, 2010

There is a farm around here. The farm boasts of not much besides geese. And ducks. Lots of geese and lots of ducks. So the ducks lay all these eggs like they always do but surprisingly dont sit on them? Shouldn’t sitting on them be as natural as quacking? Who knows if its natural. I’d rather google various renditions of cartoon cows tonight but my gut says it isn’t very normal. So i asked the person who does something at the farm – Whats with ’em ducks? He says “We rescued this young chick from a poultry accident. We fed it and cared for it. Now it has grown into a sturdy young rooster. The ducks are distracted. They follow the damn rooster around and just don’t approach the eggs anymore. The eggs seem to have been abandoned”.

Yeah. So i was thinking “weeeeird” at that point.

He takes the liberty to continue – “So we got a hen who’d sit on the eggs. She managed to do it for a bit. Then she got distracted too. We kept finding her somewhere near the rooster and nowhere close to the eggs.” Wtf! I’m like “you’re kidding right?” No he says with an almost heart-broken look. I’m thinking “those are some ill-fated eggs man” when he opens his mouth to speak again. This time with a smile. He goes “but i have it under control. I managed to find a really old hen. She’s sitting on the eggs and not budging. I think it will work out. They should hatch normally.”

Alright I’ve found some cartoon cows.  The cartoon cows are all quite ugly. But isnt that how they serve the purpose. Pretty cows are useless if the desired effect is that of humor. It’s hard to point fingers at beauty and laugh.

Say had the world been full of beautiful, young and you know GODly people… we’d have a lot of wasted eggs.
I did try to get a picture of the rooster. Just so we know what the secret is. That’s the one we wanna see right? The geese just didn’t make way though.

Men often tell me that i’m not really a head turner but that for sure I *can* be attractive at times, its not like i look bad or anything. It’s just that my impact is more on “other” senses than the good ol’ “visual” ones. I guess it’s alright.

I’ll find an egg to hatch.

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  1. February 5, 2010 3:41 PM

    I love the cartoons with your posts. Especially liked the zebra one. And the one with the mentor.

    On this post, the analogy isn’t as clear here. It’s true that often enough it requires someone somewhat sacrificing to hatch one’s eggs but that’s not necessarily specific to beauty.

    Had you said the world could not have run if everyone had been selfish and ambitious (ala Ayn Rand’s characters), I’d have agreed with you.

  2. February 5, 2010 4:02 PM

    Hi Frust, Thanks for reading. I’m afraid you are not quite getting the drift of this story. Which is my fault! I’m working on being more lucid 🙂 Hatching an egg is simply a metaphor for doing something useful with yourself. I’m not addressing selfishness. I’m simply addressing self-worth. Often enough, we diminish it ourselves. Often enough, it is due to physical beauty or lack thereof. I think selflessness is also a manifestation of selfishness. There is no “sacrifice”. There is no “compromise”. What some people like to be is selfless. Ambition is simply a projection and measurement of self-worth.

    The old hen could’ve left the eggs. For some reason she liked sitting on them. We do what makes us happy, what makes us feel useful. Or simply what we are used to. It doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we all have something beautiful to offer but it needn’t be in the form of stunning physical beauty. There was a taker for the rooster, a taker for the unhatched eggs and a taker for the old hen. Strangely enough there is a taker for this random story.

    By unhatched eggs I’m talking of things left undone. Books that could be written, movies that could be made, movie-blogs that could be started 😛 you see?

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