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Giant cushions are life-changing!

January 30, 2010
My parents are addicted to Farmville. And No. This isn’t about farmville before you add me to the list of farmville-update-senders that you want to kill. My parents are the television-greatest-invention-by-man generation. They cant figure out how to put channel no 234 directly ‘cuz the only buttons that they easily comprehend are next-channel, previous-channel, volume-up, volume-down, power-off and the most critical of them all: power-on. And they watch. It doesn’t matter what. The live, eat and fight in front of the television. For the television. The winner devours what the television has to offer. The loser sleeps somewhere near it, ready to pounce the next time the remote is left unattended.
And now.
They are addicted to Farmville.
Apart from the miraculous IT awakening that must’ve made THAT possible, and the disturbing mental consequences of ending one addiction with another, my concerns rest on the implications that this development has on my own doses of internet fix. Which are huge. I am the cant-breathe-if-I’m-not-online generation.
So i plod to the PC at odd hours expecting absolute IT freedom but invariably discover one parent furiously harvesting virtual crops. More often than not, the other parent is sitting right beside, impatiently waiting for his/her turn, evidently stressed about the impending doom that the delay would surely translate into. I am rendered helpless and forced to pick up a book.
So the number of books I’ve been picking up lately has been on the rise. While my parents’ farms expand, my storage shrinks.
I went to pick up a shelf to (literally) carry the burden of my new occupation. It was one of those multipurpose stores that have all sorts of things to offer. The kind which tempt you into buying beautiful dustbins for your home becuz you forget the difference between desire and need while you’re in them. I stumbled on these gigantic, like SERIOUSLY jumbo sized cushions and i think to myself “what good are these? Your head or butt is only so big?”
And just like that i knew.

I bought some 6 of these herculean cushions and dressed them in the most heart-warming covers that i could find (a decent taste in interiors helped). I got ’em home and propped them up on ever sit-able area of the tv room. I asked my parents to come check ’em out! Amidst complains of frivolous purchases and reminders of money not going on trees (we seriously need another metaphor for spending, this one stopped being effective since.. well before i was born at least) my parents settled in. I casually switched on the television and walked out.

It’s been a few days. My parents still come to look after their farms. But the zone-of-comfort that awaits them is seductive. It makes them leave soon after achieving the bare minimum that they could get by with. The thought of cosy-cushiony-soft fabric to sink into – in the middle of winter – AND getting entertained in the process, allows them to make peace with their averagely-performing farm economies.
I, meanwhile, get to write this 😉

Just one thing. Are you burying your ass in a giant cushion? Loving it aren’t you? 😛

Someone might just be robbing you off the unimaginable feats that you’re capable of achieving. Yep.

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  1. February 4, 2010 2:37 PM

    Giant cushions are great (I bought a semi-giant one for my home some time back) but they don’t have backrests. Nothing without a backrest can be too comfortable. What’s the secret?

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